Johan Sorensen set up Portobello Behavioural Health in 2016 with the help of Robin Fenwick-Smith.

Since then the company has grown to become the leading provider of Case Management and Recovery Coaching in Europe.

Johan Sorensen


Johan has worked in the behavioural health field for over 20 years. He has worked as a therapist, set up or run treatment facilities in Europe, the USA and the Middle East and currently works with individuals, families and organisations around the world in tailoring solutions which work for each individual case.

Rob Fenwick-Smith


Robin has more than a decade of experience of working as a therapist and has worked in both clinical and managerial roles within treatment facilities.
He undertakes therapy and case management for Portobello Behavioural Health basing himself in London and Surrey.

Victoria Grant

Deputy Director

Victoria is one of the country’s leading and most experienced case managers and oversees Portobello Behavioural Health’s recovery coaching service.

Jaz Dalrymple

Case Manager and Head Coach

Jaz is an accredited coach and case manager who has worked with a broad range of clients with complex needs to unlock their potential for growth and recovery. He also helps oversee, train and support PBH’s coaches.

Elizabeth Sorensen

Case Manager and Head Coach

Elizabeth has an excellent track record of supporting clients to build healthier, more meaningful lives, both in England and abroad, as a Case Manager and Coach. She also helps oversee, train and support PBH’s coaches.

Penny Rankin

Case Manager and Interventionist

As a certified coach, case manager and interventionist, Penny provides individuals with tailor-made care programmes, access to the right support networks, interventions where necessary and support for the whole family network. Penny also speaks in schools on eating disorders, diet culture and body image.

Clare Griffin photo

Clare Griffin


Based in London and Surrey, Clare has practised as a therapist for 15 years. Specialising in addiction and co-dependency, Clare has worked as a clinician in treatment facilities for over 10 years and now works with individuals, couples and families.

Nicolay Sorensen

Chief Operating Officer

Nicolay has more than 20 years’ experience supporting organisations improve their communications, growth and performance.

Pamela Roberts


With nearly 20 years experience, Pamela works with individuals, couples and families. Pamela has a depth of knowledge and experience when working with complex trauma, a special interest in addictions and has worked in clinical and managerial roles within treatment facilities.