What Happens Between Therapy Sessions?

Clinical intervention is a critical piece of recovery for many of our clients, but what happens between therapy sessions?

Therapy can’t always provide immediate, concrete answers to some of the most important practical questions in our clients’ lives.

Therapy will not immediately provide answers to questions like:

  • How can I help my daughter, now receiving treatment for her schizophrenia, learn to cook and care for herself properly?
  • Who will make sure my nephew stays safe while he considers treatment for his addiction problems?
  • Who will help my niece settle back into “normal” life and connect with the local recovery community after she leaves her intensive inpatient treatment facility?
  • How can I make it easier for my mother, who suffers from contamination OCD, to open important mail while she’s still learning how to do Exposure Response Prevention therapy?
  • Who can travel with my newly sober colleague and support his recovery plan while he’s away?
  • My bipolar uncle called me in the middle of the night threatening self harm again. Who do I call for a discrete emergency welfare check?
  • I’ve worked with counsellors before but am feeling stuck. How can I get more relational and practical support in my recovery to improve my behavioural health and wellbeing?
  • Who will walk my dog when my agoraphobia prevents me from leaving the house?

Hands-On Help Beyond Therapy

We help you handle sensitive problems like these—and more.

Our coaches are trained to walk alongside clients in the journey to wellness, not as clinicians, but as trusted allies. Many of our carefully vetted coaches have lived experience with recovery and enjoy sharing a spirit of hope, camaraderie, and possibility with our clients.

While they are closely supervised by our clinical team, our coaches leave treatment planning to clinicians. This allows our coaches to focus on tending to the day-to-day details that represent the backbone of a strong, meaningful recovery.

Transport to and from treatment

Many clients need help with transportation to and from treatment. Our coaches are more than happy to provide this service to clients.

Flexible, Responsive, and Discrete

Whether you need occasional help or live-in assistance, our coaches work with you to determine what level of hands-on help is right for your unique situation. Sensitive and responsive, our coaches are as flexible as you need them to be.

If it needs to be done—it’s likely that our coaches can help.

As with all services at Portobello Behavioural Health, our coaches operate with the highest level of discretion at all times. Every one of our trusted coaches undertakes enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks and signs binding non-disclosure agreements before beginning work. Coaches operate under the close supervision of our clinical team.

If you’d like to learn more about our coaching services, email or call 020 3633 2111.