All too often, when the people we love are struggling with issues in their lives, they find it difficult to ask for the help and support they so desperately need. Sometimes all they need is someone to ask, offer or nudge them in the right direction.

An intervention is a formal way of doing this.

Taking a passionate and collaborative approach to gather people around the suffering person and help them make the right choice for themselves, we work with families and loved ones to develop a clear plan and line up the most appropriate care and treatment options.

Our skilled and experienced team will then ensure that all the necessary arrangements are in place to capitalise on the life-changing movement when someone accepts the offer of help following an intervention.

Of course, we understand that the decision to stage an intervention isn’t an easy one. We guide families through the process, working collaboratively with them every step of the way, while providing the emotional and practical support they need.

Throughout the process, we work with an uncompromising discretion and sensitivity.

To find out more about our supportive intervention services, arrange a call back for an initial conversation or book an appointment, please email or call 020 3633 2111.