Portobello Behavioural Health works with agents, management and production companies to support individuals experiencing mental or behavioural health problems who are currently unable to access residential treatment due to their work commitments.  Through careful care planning, working with the team supporting the talent we provide support which is tailored to the individual’s specific needs. We work with clients in film, television, stage and music industries and can provide support around shooting, touring and travel commitments.

Typically, this entails:

  • Comprehensive case management, to ensure that competing interests are understood and managed whilst not compromising the client’s welfare;
  • Coaching, by one of our team, both highly trained and experienced at working with clients in the entertainment industry. We can provide coaches both for short sessions as well as providing 24/7 support, accompanying clients on tour or on set, both domestically and abroad;
  • Therapy, provided by one of our experienced clinicians to ensure that the underlying issues affecting the individual are being tackled and fundamental change can be achieved. Given the complications of schedules our therapists can see clients both at our offices in London or online sessions using Skype/Facetime.

Through our network of contacts within the behavioural health sector we can facilitate and accompany quick referrals to treatment centres or other relevant professionals. Our connection with centres, we trust across the world, we can always find a suitable option which provides a high level of care with the utmost discretion.

Our track record of work in the entertainment industry has helped both artists and their wider team to keep schedules, avoid costly delays and ensure that recovery and progress is being achieved.

In addition to the direct services we provide for our clients we can also help raise awareness and deliver staff training on issues relating to mental health and addiction. This can be invaluable for management companies, producers and lawyers seeking to understand the most effective way to support or intervene when clients they work with are experiencing difficulties.

Please contact us for an initial discussion about how Portobello Behavioural Health might be able to help  you or your organisation please email enquiry@portobellobh.com or call 020 3633 2111.