Getting help is the first step, but it’s often the hardest one to take.

When mental health and/or addiction issues take centre stage, life becomes chaotic, overwhelming, and confusing.

If you’re trying to support a loved one, friend, or colleague through challenges like these, you may not even know where to start.

You Need Bespoke Support, Not Generic Treatment

Complex problems require custom solutions.

Generic treatments and dogmatic approaches to recovery miscalculate the complex terrain of behavioural health struggles.

At Portobello Behavioural Health, we recognize there are many pathways to recovery.

Our bespoke support model allows us to serve clients who are:

  • Ready for mental health and/or addiction treatment
  • Not at all ready to commit to any form of treatment
  • Struggling with challenging diagnoses, like autism, schizophrenia, anorexia, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders
  • Curious about wellness alternatives and options
  • Unconvinced that treatment is even warranted
  • Interested in harm reduction support
  • In need of responsive, hands-on assistance with basic life skills
  • Looking for portable, flexible, discrete, culturally-specific help that doesn’t interfere with travel and career
  • Open to (or absolutely opposed to) medication-assisted treatment
  • In recovery and intent on relapse prevention and/or mental health maintenance
  • Looking for a wellness solution, not just a medical solution
  • Ready to maximise their wellness potential with a carefully structured support programme

We Help With All of This—and a Lot More

At Portobello Behavioural Health, you never have to struggle alone.

Our support plans are hand-tailored to meet your specific situation, wherever you are in your journey.

When you’re ready, our team of highly experienced practitioners will help you chart a sensible, clinically rigorous path to greater wellness that works for you and your life.

We pride ourselves in protecting every client’s struggle with the utmost discretion and sensitivity.

Let’s find a way forward—together.