Addiction ruthlessly attacks our most important relationships.

Trust is frequently the first target.

Drug testing affords clients who struggle with addiction a poignant avenue for rebuilding trust with themselves and the people who are important to them.

Additionally, we know that regular drug testing provides a supportive layer of structure and accountability to our clients, ultimately aiding treatment progress and reducing relapse episodes.

When drug testing results run counter to a client’s account of substance use, this clinically important disconnect prompts our team to engage clients in therapeutic conversations that are essential to the healing process.

We firmly believe that there are no “bad” or “failed” tests, just opportunities.

Why Drug Testing?

Drug testing is a powerful tool for guiding and organising recovery. But like any tool, it can be easily misused.

In some circumstances, drug testing is actually harmful and counterproductive to recovery.

That’s why at Portobello Behavioural Health, we never use drug testing to:

  • Punish clients
  • Judge clients
  • Embarrass clients
  • Shame clients
  • Coerce or manipulate clients
  • “Gang up” on clients

Instead, we view every drug test—regardless of result—as a remarkable opportunity for collaborative recovery.

Flexible Testing to Fit Your Needs

At Portobello Behavioural Health, we tailor all aspects of your care to you and your life—including drug testing. Our team of experts employs a wide variety of options to suit every client.

Depending on the situation, we can offer:

● On and off-site testing

● In-home testing

● Testing supervision and/or observation

● Comprehensive urine testing

● Alcohol breathalyzer testing

● Referrals for blood, follicle, or electrolyte testing, as necessary

● Accompanied lab testing, as necessary

● Unconditional support and positive regard, independent of findings

● Immediate, clinically rigorous intervention, if needed

● Real-time adjustments to treatment planning, if needed

To learn more about our drug testing options, email enquiry@portobellobh.com or call 020 3633 2111.